About us

Dog Training is our passion

We are active dog competitors who love training and spending time with our dogs. We actively train and compete in different dog sports and activities. We have helped many people create a stronger bond through obedience training and our reward-based system. Our dog trainers have obtained their core dog training skills by attending the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers. David, our head trainer, also works closely with our trainers to ensure quality of training and efficiency. We are continuously keeping our education and skills up to date by attending seminars, training workshops, competing with our dogs, refresher courses at the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, and our daily training with our customers! We believe there is no better way to be the best, but to continue with education and training through helping our customers with their dogs’ daily problems.

David Broderick - Head Trainer

I have had dogs my entire life growing up but when I was 10 years old, I got my first personal dog. She was a beautiful German Shepherd named Carli. Sadly, by about 2 years old she had gotten extremely aggressive to the point that she had attacked numerous dogs, killed many chickens and was a nightmare to take anywhere. I decided I wanted to train her and get rid of her aggression. I found a great dog trainer and started training with him. After a few sessions I saw great improvements and I was hooked! I continued working with my trainer and soon started training other dogs for him. I continued working with him until I was 17. During that time I showed dogs in AKC Obedience and Confirmation. I continued training my own personal dogs along with anyone else that asked. In 2009, I found Michael Ellis and started studying his system. It was the best training I had ever seen. I loved how happy the dogs were, how well they obeyed and how fast they learned. Shortly after, I graduated from his school, the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers. You can read about his school by clicking HERE.

  • I am a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals
  • I am the President of the United States Mondioring Association and a top level decoy.
  • I am an Evaluator for the AKC Good Canine Citizen.

Fast forward to the present – I am an active dog trainer and competitor in numerous dog sports. In 2016 I represented USA at the World Championships for Mondioring at the Highest level. With my dog Idole, we placed 2nd in the world. I also actively compete in trials and competitions all around the country. I have achieved High-in-Trial, High-in-Obedience and High-in-Protection awards. I have achieved National Champion and National Grand Champion in Mondioring and French Ring protection dog sports.

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Sean Knudsen - Head Trainer

I have had dogs all my life, but it was not until after a year-long deployment to Iraq that I truly learned to appreciate just how incredible our canine companions really are. I really struggled fitting back into normal society. I had a lot of rage and would very easily become startled, hyper alert and angry.

Under the tutelage of David, I started training our dog and a new puppy. The motivational reward-based training system that Dave trained me in really helped me to understand that if the dog made a mistake it was not the dog’s fault, it was my fault, and that there is no reason to become angry with the dog. This realization helped me to learn not only to deal fairly with dogs but with people too. I have loved working with dogs more and more, especially now that I am training dogs in the service and sport aspects of it. I absolutely love training dogs and seeing the lives of customers become more rich and complete with their now stable and well-behaved canine family member.

Our Dogs

Idole du Loups du Soleil MR3, 2016 Mondioring World Vice Champion, BH, CGC; 2017 USMRA National Champion; 2018 USMRA 3rd place National Championship

Idole is our main demo dog here at Innovative K9 Academy. She is trained fully in our training system and can be handled by just about anyone. She has the highest score in Mondioring for any female in USA history. She has also placed higher than any dog from America at the Mondioring World Championship level. She is great with new people, dogs, other animals and kids. She is obedient almost to a fault and always wants to do right. She is trained in a protection sport called Mondioring, which encompasses obedience, scent work, jumping and bite work.

Cami mi Obsesion – MR2 CGC MR Soc Test; 2017 USMRA National Champion Level 2

Cami is Sean’s competition dog and is off to an incredible start. She just passed her first try at level 2 with a score of 276.5/300. Putting her in the running for the one slot at the 2017 World Championship in Spain. She is very stable, social, smart and agile. We are very excited to see her progress in her sport.

Impact du Chenil de Chasseur – MR1 CGC MR Soc Test; 2017 USMRA National Champion Level 1; 2017 French Ring National Grand Champion Level 2; 2018 French Ring Cup Vice Champion Level 2; 2018 French Ring 3rd Place National Championship.

Impact is David’s upcoming competition dog. He is a show stopper. Everyone watches when he goes on the field with his intense love for the work. His speed and recklessness make for a fun time spectating. Watch out for his competition updates.