Dog Training Camp

From $3,475 – $3,975

Let us do all the hard work for you in our most effective training program. Your dog will stay at our house with us, and we will correct all of its negative behaviors. Then we will train it in basic obedience.

Group Classes & CGC
(temporarily unavailable)

From $275 – $350

We offer classes ranging from Puppy to Advanced Obedience including CGC to show off what your dog has learned. We have a class that fits every stage of training. These classes are great for socialization and confidence building.

Private Lessons
(Temporarily Unavailable)

From $1,775 – $1,975

This includes six lessons that will be a customized to meet your needs and your dogs personality. This will provide: extensive education on how to properly motivate and engage your dog, individualized training on how to use our proven methods, and intensive coaching during each session to accelerate results.


$60 Per Day

This is exclusive to dogs that have trained with us. While you’re away, we will refresh the skills your dog learned while training with us. Your dog will get daily socialization with other dogs, play time, and structured training.