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Dealing with New Puppy

Our puppy school is great for any puppies over twelve weeks and up to six months. The ideal age to start puppy training is right when it comes home. There are many benefits to early training and socialization. Typically between two months and four months, most dogs naturally want to be with their new family or person. We can use this as a tool to help train behaviors such as the come command and engagement.

In this stage of life it is extremely important to provide puppies with experiences to create a well-rounded adult dog. All of our puppy training is done with food and positive reinforcement.  We use motivational techniques to create a very focused and willing puppy that wants to please. Your puppy will gain a foundation in basic skills such as sit, down, come when called, focus, crate games and other fun activities to keep their minds alert. We also work on normal puppy behaviors such as house training and crate training and correcting behaviors such as jumping on people, biting, chewing, barking and other behaviors that are easiest to stop in this stage in life.

Puppy to Adult Dream Dog Course - $4,975

In this camp we take your puppy at around twelve weeks of age for seven days. We socialize, build confidence, work on bad puppy behaviors, crate train, potty train and build a foundation in obedience. Then they go back home until they are six months old. At six months old, they come back for an additional eighteen days and we continue where they left off. By the end of this course you will have complete on and off leash control. We teach heeling, sit, down, stay, come and go to bed. Along with proper etiquette for meeting new people, ignoring dogs in public, confidence building, riding in cars and much more.

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What to Expect from our Puppy Training

  • Field Trips – We take our boot camp puppies on field trips to expose them to things they will see in everyday life. Other dogs, noises, people, kids, new surfaces etc. We use their food drive and training to build their confidence in new situations.
  •  Confidence building – Each day we do confidence building drills on our obstacle course. You will get pictures and video of your puppy doing our obstacle course. We expose the puppies to different surfaces, A frame style obstacles, bridges, teeter totter, agility tunnels and more.
  • Physical exercise – Each day your puppy will get both physical and mental exercise. It is important for puppies and adults to get both each and every day. A tired puppy is a happy puppy.
  • Proper Etiquette – We start the puppies training on proper etiquette for meeting people and dogs. Both are very important.