Puppy Training School

Puppy School

Our puppy training retreat is great for puppies twelve to eighteen weeks old. The ideal age to start training a puppy training is right when it comes home. However, studies have proven there is a crucial window between ten and twenty weeks for socialization, confidence, and learned habits. This course allows us to tap into that crucial time period to give your puppy the best start possible. Everyone wants to tell you how to train your new puppy. In this day and age with Social Media there is even more information and people telling you how to do it. However, every dog is different. How they socialized their outgoing Golden Retriever won’t work for a lot of other breeds. For example, many herding breeds get nervous by letting every person come up and pet them.  Having more people come to pet them or offer them treats isn’t going to make them love people. 

In this stage of life it is extremely important to provide puppies with experiences to create a well-rounded adult dog. All of our puppy training is done with food and positive reinforcement.  We use motivational techniques to create a very focused and willing puppy that wants to please. Your puppy will gain a foundation in basic skills such as sit, down, come when called, focus, crate games and other fun activities to keep their minds alert. We also work on normal puppy behaviors such as house training and crate training and correcting behaviors such as jumping on people, biting, chewing, barking and other behaviors that are easiest to stop in this stage in life.

Meet Lizzie! Lizzie graduated our Puppy to Adult Dream Dog Course and now has off-leash freedom.

Puppy to Adult Dream Dog Course - $4,975

In this course your puppy will come and stay with us for one week around twelve weeks of age (this is Part 1 of their training with us). After that week, your puppy will go home until they are five to six months old. At that age your puppy will come back and stay with us for an additional 18 days (this is Part 2) . After each of these board and train sessions with us, we will do an in-depth transition lesson with you. We will go over everything we did with your puppy and what to do going forward.

In the first week of training(Part 1) we will cover:

  • How to sit and down with food
  • Come Command with food
  • Learning their name
  • Crate games and being calm in the crate
  • Potty Training
  • Stopping unwanted puppy behaviors
  • Focus and engagement
  • Proper Socialization
  • Confidence Building
  • and More

What we will teach in the 18 days(Part 2) of training:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Heel (walk next to your left side with loose leash and off-leash)
  • Come Command (the most important exercise all dogs should know)
  • Bed Command (Go to your bed, lay down and stay. We use this a lot when we are cooking/eating meals and when guests come over… your guests will be amazed!!)
  • Proper etiquette for greeting people
  • Waiting at doors
  • Crate training (being comfortable in a crate)
  • Loading into vehicles
  • How to focus around any distraction. A common misconception is that once a dog has learned a new trick, they should know how to do it anywhere… unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. We teach focus as a skill.
  • Confidence; One of the main focal points of this course is confidence building. A large percent of the dogs we train are lacking confidence in many areas. This makes it difficult for dogs to focus, obey simple commands, and even enjoy activities with us.

This course includes everything you will need to continue the training with your dog:

  • Graduation Transition Lesson – This is where we show you what we did and how to continue it!
  • Life-time Support – Our company is one of the oldest, full-time dog training companies in Utah. Over 5,000 dogs trained and counting!
  • E-collar, slip leash and elevated training bed


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What to Expect from our Puppy Training

  • Field Trips – We take our boot camp puppies on field trips to expose them to things they will see in everyday life. Other dogs, noises, people, kids, new surfaces etc. We use their food drive and training to build their confidence in new situations.
  •  Confidence building – Each day we do confidence building drills on our obstacle course. You will get pictures and video of your puppy doing our obstacle course. We expose the puppies to different surfaces, A frame style obstacles, bridges, teeter totter, agility tunnels and more.
  • Physical exercise – Each day your puppy will get both physical and mental exercise. It is important for puppies and adults to get both each and every day. A tired puppy is a happy puppy.
  • Proper Etiquette – We start the puppies training on proper etiquette for meeting people and dogs. Both are very important.