What is a Dog Training Retreat or Boot Camp?

Dog Behavior Training in Salt Lake City, UT

Dream Dog Program

Are you taking a vacation or leaving town for work?

Are you having issues with potty training, pulling on the leash, jumping on people, nuisance barking or any other bad behavior?

Do you want off-leash control so you can enjoy your pet everywhere you go?

Your dog comes and stays with us at our facility. 

We do all of the hard work for you, then we show you what we did, and how to continue it!

Our Training Retreats are by far the most effective way to get your dog trained to its fullest potential. Dog training is all we do, and our clients tell us we are the best at it (if you haven’t, check out our YouTube videos and Instagram to see the results we get with the dogs train). Hopefully, we can all agree that we have dogs for a reason. For example – they bring us joy, we want to give them the best life we can, our lives are better with them in it etc. For us, that means taking them to the lake, hiking, farmers market, the park etc. However, to do that, our dogs need to be social, confident, and under control. This is what we designed our training retreats around. A lot of the dogs we train are struggling with barking, pulling on leash, lack of obedience, potty training issues, and more. These can be very difficult to work through, and it is sad to see our dogs struggling with these issues. Let our team work through these issues, and help your dog live a happier life.

Behavior Modification Dream Dog Board and Train

Is your dog struggling with dog aggression, leash reactivity/aggression, separation anxiety, anxiety/fearfulness, or other behavior problems? Our 25 day program is tailored to help rehabilitate dogs with these issues. This course will offer the same education as our Dream Dog Course but we will focus heavily on your dog’s behavioral issues. 

Most behavior problems are due to a lack of confidence and not knowing what to do in each situation. We give you and your dog the tools to get your dogs focus off of those things that make them nervous and redirect the focus to you. Our team is dedicated to helping you and your dog live a more confident, happy and fulfilling life.

What we will teach your dog:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Heel (walk next to your left side with loose leash and off-leash)
  • Come Command (the most important exercise all dogs should know)
  • Bed Command (Go to your bed, lay down and stay. We use this a lot when we are cooking/eating meals and when guests come over… your guests will be amazed!!)
  • Proper etiquette for greeting people
  • Waiting at doors and respectfully walking through doorways
  • Crate training (being comfortable in a crate)
  • Loading into vehicles
  • How to walk/jog next to a bicycle
  • How to focus around any distraction. A common misconception is that once a dog has learned a new trick, they should know how to do it anywhere… unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. We teach focus as a skill.
  • Confidence; One of the main focal points of this course is confidence building. A large percent of the dogs we train are lacking confidence in many areas. This makes it difficult for dogs to focus, obey simple commands, and even enjoy activities with us.

Our training retreat also includes:

    • Daily Socialization 
    • Agility course training – This is one of the best confidence builders
    • Lifetime access to our in-depth training videos of all of the skills we have taught your dog
    • Training Demo at our facility during the second week of your dogs stay. Roughly 1.5 hours
    • Graduation Transition Lesson – This is where we show you what we did and how to continue it! Roughly 1.5 hours
    • Life-time phone and email support – Our company is one of the oldest, full-time dog training companies in Utah
    • E-collar, slip leash and elevated training bed
    • Exclusive access to our Boarding options – Protect the investment in your dogs training by boarding with our team that knows your dog and will continue your dogs training

Enrollment - $4,975

Meet Woody! When he came to us, he was dealing with a lot of different behavior problems including; dog aggression, dog reactivity, anxiety, barking, lunging at anything that got close to him and more. Here are the results after our behavior modification course. To see more videos of dogs that we have trained visit our YouTube Channel and our Instagram Page.

A few things you’ll notice about our videos:

  • Our videos aren’t 30 seconds long, showing the dog doing something correct ONCE. A lot of our videos are quite long. Some are 15-20 minutes.
  • Our videos aren’t spliced together hiding the mistakes. We make mistakes and our dogs make mistakes.
  • Our videos are typically out at a hardware store, park or mall to show the level of training we achieve (even around high distraction areas)
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