Dog training Camp

Are you taking a vacation or leaving town for work?

Are you having issues with potty training, jumping, barking or any other bad behavior?

Do you want off-leash control so you can enjoy your pet anywhere you go?

What is a Dog Training Camp?

Your dog comes and stays with us at our facility. 

We do all of the hard work for you, then we show you what we did, and how to continue it!

Our Training Retreat is by far the most effective way to get your dog trained. Dog training is all we do, and we are the best at it. We have dogs for a reason. We want to enjoy them. For us, that means taking them to the lake, hiking, farmers market, to the park etc. To do that, our dogs need to be social, confident, and under control. This is what we designed our training retreat around. A lot of dogs we train are struggling with barking, pulling on leash, lack of obedience, potty training issues, and more. These can be very difficult to work through, and it is sad to see our dogs struggling with these issues. It is always extremely hard on our dog’s mental health. Let our team work through these issues, and help your dog live a happier life.

In our training retreat we are going to start with positive reinforcement to lay the foundation of everything they will need to know. During this stage we are going to do a lot of confidence building drills. After that we are going to training them to move with the leash. After that, we will finish by teaching them off leash obedience for sit, down, come, heel, bed command, and stay. They will learn proper etiquette on how to meet people. We will teach them to hop in and out of a car, and get them used to riding in vehicles. We take them out on field trips to make sure everything they learn transfers to new locations with different distractions, smells, noises, and other stimuli.

Once the training is done, we do sessions with you to show you what we did, and how to continue it.

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Dream Dog Course - $3,775

Our 18 day course is the complete package for serious owners who want complete off leash control anywhere you go, whether it’s at home, at a friend’s, at the park or in any high-distraction environment. This course provides everything your dog will need to continue the training. It includes an elevated bed and our educator remote collar. This course is great families that or just that perfect family pet. This course will cover sit, down, stay, come on command, bed command, come to heel position, off-leash heeling, bed command, wait at doors, leave it, load into a crate in a vehicle and meeting people without jumping. This program also includes two follow up sessions with you to show you what we did and how to continue it. The first session will be taught when you come to pick up your dog and the second will be a week after your dog goes home.  

              DREAM DOG COURSE

Is your dog struggling with dog aggression, severe separation anxiety, anxiety/fearfulness, or other behavior problems? Our 25 day program is tailored for your dog. We spend the first week building a relationship with your dog, doing confidence building drills, and letting your dog have great experiences in a new place. After the first week, we do on and off-leash obedience covering everything in our 18 day course above. During that time, we continue doing confidence building, socialization and much more. Contact us for pricing and other information on this course.

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Because of our four dog per trainer limit, our boot camps fill up quickly. Click here to contact us today to reserve your slot. All monies paid are non-refundable.