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Online Dog Training Series

Are you stuck at home, but still want your dog to be trained and completely obedient? Does your dog pull, bark or lunge on leash? Do you want your dog to walk right next to you off leash? Do you want your dog to come on command no matter the distraction? Or stay on their bed when guests come over and not rush to the door? In this course we show four dogs being trained by four different trainers every step of the way. You will see every training session with them from the beginning all the way to the end. We offer this service through our retail company, Ruff Swag.


This is exclusive to dogs that have trained with us. While you’re away, we will continue the obedience skills your dog learned while training with us. Your dog will get daily socialization with other dogs and play time. We also offer a refresher training during boarding that also includes retraining your dog the skills it learned during the Dog Training Camp.

Dog Training Camp

This is our most popular program. Recommended for all breeds, sizes and ages.
Let our professional team do all of the hard work for you. In our board and train program your dog will come and stay with us. We will socialize them, stop the bad behaviors, build up their confidence and then do on and off leash obedience. Once we're done, we'll show you what we did and how to continue it.

Our Most Effective Training Program

Do you want a high level of obedience with your best friend? We are here to help!
  • ¬†Let us do all the hard work for you!!
  • Your dog will stay at our 26 acre facility
  • We will train it in obedience, build its confidence, and give it positive¬†socialization.
  • Your dog will go on field trips to different locations
  • We will stop all bad behaviors
What We Offer


We train your dog all off-leash obedience behaviors including: sit, down, bed, come on command, and walk next to you(heel).

Confidence and Socialization

Utah dog trainers
We help build your dog's confidence, and socialize it. This will help your dog be calm in new and unfamiliar environments.

Potty Training and Housebreaking

Dog Urine Mark
Your dog will learn when and where to go to the bathroom.

Stop Bad Behavior

Pro Dog Trainer Tips Breaking Up a Dog Fight
Does your dog bark, pull on the leash, jump on people, ect? Let us help stop bad behaviors like these.

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  • Innovative K9 Academy is Utah’s best dog training school. We offer effective, understandable, and sustainable dog training methods.
  • We know that not all dogs are created equal. We develop a personal training program with each dog.
  • We deliver results that will help you get the most out of your furry friend. There is no quick fix for dog training. Let our 30+ years of dog training build the best relationship for you and your dog.
  • We strive to continuously learn and educate ourselves, and we are constantly improving our training.
  • Our goal is to help you build the strongest bond between you and your dog as possible.
  • If you have any questions, contact our trainers today!

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