Dog Trainer Tips for Taking Your Pet Out in Public

Dog trainers spend a big part of their time teaching pets (and pet owners) the finer points of proper public behavior.


You enjoy taking your dog out in public, especially if he’s well-behaved on his leash. If your pet lacks good manners around other people or animals, however, the experience can be an unpleasant one.

So, how do you decide whether you should or shouldn’t take Fido along on your next outing?

To Take the Dog or Not Take the Dog: That Is the Question

Because our pets are such an important part of our lives, it’s natural to want to bring your dog along when you’re out and about. But not every location or situation is pet-friendly, and not every dog is equipped with the proper training to socialize.

Although many stores do allow pets, you might think twice before taking your dog into the home improvement center on a Saturday morning. Likewise, even pet-friendly restaurant patios don’t always offer enough shade or a place for your pet to chill out while you eat.

Professional dog trainers also recommend that you consider your pet’s nature and disposition before deciding to take him to a public location. If he’s inclined to bark at people or other dogs, for example, or if he’s not good around kids, you’ll both be happier if you leave him at home while you take the kids to the playground or visit a farmers’ market.

Public Places Your Dog Trainer Wishes You’d Avoid

The one place most dog training experts recommend against might surprise you: the dog park.

When you put a large group of strange dogs together, there’s always the potential for trouble. When you let them all off their leashes without close supervision, things can quickly get out of hand. This is especially true for small dogs, who can easily be injured or permanently traumatized. Dog parks are also rife with potential threats to your pet’s health.

Other spots you might want to avoid are places like public markets or street fairs. A sea of people, loud noises and strange smells can all distract and potentially overwhelm your pet. And, if it’s a warm day, Fido could get overheated or burn his paw pads on the hot pavement.

Consult a Dog Trainer for Expert Advice

If you’re committed to taking your pet with you most everywhere you go, consult a dog trainer for help.

Professional dog training bootcamp or classes can give your pet the skills and confidence he needs to function in a variety of situations without becoming overstimulated. Your trainer can also help you learn to recognize the signs that your pet is getting stressed out or overwhelmed.

A little common sense goes a long way when considering whether to take your pet to a public place. But a professional dog trainer can help make your adventures safer and more enjoyable for you and your pet.

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