Professional Dog Training in Woodland Hills, Utah

In Woodland Hills and the surrounding Utah region, Innovative K9 Academy is the go-to source for professional dog training services.

Our experienced team uses proven techniques, developed by a highly esteemed dog trainer, to help puppies and adult dogs learn crucial social and behavior skills. We offer several puppy and dog training programs for Woodland Hills pet owners, including board-and-train boot camps, group classes and private sessions. If your four-legged friend needs help to become a good canine citizen, call on our professional trainers.

Reward-Based System of Dog Training

When you bring your beloved pet to Innovative K9 Academy for professional dog training, you can expect results. And as for your pooch, you can count on them having a great time.

We use positive reinforcement and reward-based training, which motivates puppies and dogs to behave. We employ fair and consistent correction when necessary, but fun experiences — along with praise and small treats for desired behaviors — effectively help Woodland Hills pets of any age, breed or temperament learn the skills they need.

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Puppy boot camp Utah

Puppy School Programs for Early Training

Are you the proud owner of a new puppy? Boot camp at Innovative K9 Academy can ensure the young furry member of your Woodland Hills household grows to become a well-adjusted adult dog.

Puppy school starts with a ten-day boot camp, during which your pooch will spend time at a trainer’s home and embark on field trips. A few months later, puppy boot camp will resume for an additional two weeks. And afterwards, you and your pet will take part in follow-up training sessions.

Dog Training Boot Camps and Group Classes

For adult dogs living in Woodland Hills, Utah, Innovative K9 Academy offers ten-day, two-week and three-week boot camps. Like our puppy school program, our dog training boot camps include time in a trainer’s home, multiple field trips and after-camp training sessions.

Our professional trainers also offer group classes for puppies and dogs. These classes are designed to give pet owners an opportunity to work with our team, and we keep the groups small to ensure everyone gets ample attention and guidance.

Dog Training Challenges: The “Stay” Command

Obedience Training and Behavior Modification

For many dogs, obedient behavior doesn’t come naturally. If your furry family companion has taken on the role of pack leader, our professional trainers can help you take the title back.

Our dog obedience training programs use fun engagements and positive reinforcement to build mutual trust. In our hands, pets become people-pleasers – in other words, they want to behave. We know how to motivate puppies and dogs, which is crucial for effective behavior modification.

Innovative K9 Academy, based in Salt Lake City, serves pet owners in Woodland Hills and the surrounding Utah communities. To learn more about our puppy school, boot camps or dog training programs, contact us today.

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