Professional Dog Training in Spanish Fork, Utah

Innovative K9 Academy is an all-breed dog training facility serving pet owners in Spanish Fork and the surrounding Utah communities. Our professional trainers use proven techniques to help puppies and adult dogs learn the social and behavioral skills they need to be happy, confident pets.

We offer a range of puppy and dog training programs, including boot camps, group classes and private sessions. Put your furry friend in the hands of our highly experienced trainers, and you can count on results.

Reward-Based Dog Training for All Breeds

At Innovative K9 Academy, we use reward-based training, helping dogs learn through the use of positive reinforcement. Instead of punishing unwanted behaviors, we provide praise and small treats when dogs behave as they should.

This approach, developed by one of the world’s top dog trainers, is scientifically proven to help pets reach their full potential. Regardless of the breed, age and temperament of your pooch, we can effectively teach proper behavior in a positive and compassionate way.

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Puppy School for Early Training and Socialization

If you have a new puppy and want a future free of behavioral problems, early training can make all the difference. At Innovative K9 Academy, our camp is ideal for puppies between twelve weeks and six months of age.

Enroll your young furry friend in our puppy school, and our professional trainers will work on socialization, building confidence and obedience. We also crate train, potty train, teach commands and help puppies learn proper etiquette.

Dog Training Retreats and Group Classes

The professional trainers at Innovative K9 Academy offer several boot camp and group class options for puppies and dogs.

Our puppy program starts with a ten-day boot camp, which is followed by an additional two weeks a few months later. For older dogs, our three-week boot camp is effective. Both are board-and-train programs, and after completion, we provide follow-up dog training sessions.

We also have group puppy and dog training classes that allow you and your pet to work with our trainers and reinforce the skills learned at boot camp. To ensure everyone gets the attention they need, we limit our group classes to no more than six dogs.

Dog Training Challenges: The “Stay” Command

Obedience Training for Well-Behaved Dogs

If your beloved pet isn’t obedient, our professional dog trainers can help. We have ten-day, two-week and three-week training programs, all of which are based upon building confidence through fun engagements.

Our system of obedience training starts with the use of toys and treats, which creates trust and makes dogs eager to please. When a pet wants to obey, teaching proper behavior becomes much easier. However, we also use fair and consistent corrections when necessary to discourage disobedience.

Innovative K9 Academy has helped countless pet owners in Spanish Fork and throughout Utah, and we know you’ll be thrilled with the results our professional trainers can achieve. To learn more about our dog training programs, contact us today.

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