Professional Dog Training in Salem, Utah

Innovative K9 Academy, based in Salt Lake City and serving pet owners in Salem and the surrounding Utah area, offers professional training for dogs of all breeds, ages and dispositions.

Our boot camp programs and group classes, designed around reward-based training methods, effectively teach obedience and build confidence. Our highly experienced team specializes in behavior modification, and the puppy and dog training techniques we use ensure your four-legged friend has fun while learning.

Dog Training Methods Based on Positive Reinforcement

Our system of training puppies and dogs was created by one of the top trainers in the world, and the approach is scientifically proven to work.

By treating dog training sessions as playtime and offering food rewards, our professional trainers make pets want to obey – and as a result, they are more receptive to learning. Choose Innovative K9 Academy, and being a Salem pet parent will be a more rewarding experience.

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Puppy School for Happy, Well-Rounded Adult Dogs

Puppies need positive reinforcement and training to become well-adjusted adult dogs. If your Salem, Utah, family just brought home a new furry companion or are planning to do so soon, take advantage of our board-and-train puppy boot camp.

After attending puppy school, your pooch will know how respond to basic commands and how to behave at home and in social situations. Puppy boot camp will also help with potty training, crate training and correcting behavioral issues.

Behavior and Dog Obedience Training Programs

Our obedience training programs teach dogs how to be good canine citizens of Salem through the use of positive reinforcement and mutual trust. With the help of our experienced trainers, your pet will learn how to behave in any situation.

Along with obedience training, we offer agility, therapy and service dog training. We routinely work with pets that are nervous, fearful or aggressive, and we can customize a training program to meet your needs and fit your schedule.

Innovative K9 Academy has already helped a great number of Salem pet owners, and our professional trainers can bring out the best in your beloved furry friend. For more information on our puppy and dog training programs, contact us today.

Dog Training Challenges: The “Stay” Command

Obedience Training for Well-Behaved Dogs

If your beloved pet isn’t obedient, our professional dog trainers can help. We have ten-day, two-week and three-week training programs, all of which are based upon building confidence through fun engagements.

Our system of obedience training starts with the use of toys and treats, which creates trust and makes dogs eager to please. When a pet wants to obey, teaching proper behavior becomes much easier. However, we also use fair and consistent corrections when necessary to discourage disobedience.

Innovative K9 Academy has helped countless pet owners in Spanish Fork and throughout Utah, and we know you’ll be thrilled with the results our professional trainers can achieve. To learn more about our dog training programs, contact us today.

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