Professional Dog Training in Provo, Utah

Looking for professional puppy and dog training services? If you live in Provo, elsewhere in Utah County or the greater Salt Lake City area, turn to Innovative K9 Academy.

From boot camp programs and group classes to private sessions and advanced agility, therapy and service dog training, we offer a range of options to meet every Provo pet owner’s needs. With the help of our highly educated and experienced trainers, your furry friend can be a perfect companion.

Professional Training through Positive Reinforcement

At Innovative K9 Academy, we take a reward-based approach to dog training. The focus is on rewarding the behaviors we want to encourage, and we use praise and small treats to achieve results.

Our positive reinforcement dog training system, developed by a world-renowned dog trainer, is scientifically proven to be effective. We have great success with our techniques, and we can use them to teach Provo puppies and dogs of all ages, breeds and dispositions.  

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Puppy School for Happy, Well-Trained Adult Dogs

If you just brought a new puppy into your Provo home and want to avoid future behavioral issues, early training will allow you to achieve that goal.

Our board-and-train puppy school teaches basic commands, socialization skills and leash walking. In addition, our professional trainers will help crate train and potty train your young pup, and we’ll work on confidence-building skills and correcting behavioral problems.

Boot Camps and Group Dog Training Classes

If you’re the proud pet parent of an adult dog – but your four-legged family member is in need of training — Innovative K9 Academy is here to help.

Older dogs can learn new tricks and skills with our professional trainers. We offer ten-day, two-week and three-week board-and-train boot camps, and each includes multiple field trips to get your pooch used to obeying when out and about in Provo. Our puppy and dog boot camp programs also feature time in a trainer’s home and follow-up training sessions.

We also offer group classes, during which you and your furry friend can work directly with our professional trainers to learn and reinforce essential skills. Or, if you prefer, our team can provide private puppy or dog training sessions.

Dog Training Challenges: The “Stay” Command

Behavior Modification and Obedience Training

Innovative K9 Academy specializes in behavior modification through positive reinforcement, and our team has extensive expertise in dog obedience training.

Our professional trainers work on overcoming behavioral problems during our puppy and dog boot camps and group classes, but some pets need additional attention. After obedience training, your beloved pooch will recognize you as the pack leader and obey your commands.

Are you ready to learn more? For information on puppy school, dog boot camp, obedience training or any of our other dog training programs for Provo pet owners, contact Innovative K9 Academy in Salt Lake City, Utah, today.

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