Professional Dog Training in Elk Ridge, Utah

Are you in need of professional dog training? If you live in or around Elk Ridge, Utah, call on the highly experienced team at Innovative K9 Academy.

We use positive reinforcement to help pet owners forget stronger bonds with the furry members of their families. Our puppy and dog training boot camps, group classes and private sessions teach the necessary skills and make learning fun. We work with all breeds, and our trainers are known for achieving exceptional results.

Reward-Based Professional Dog Training

Mutual trust and compassion are the keys to encouraging proper pooch behavior, and our professional team understands how to use both. Our reward-based dog training system was developed by a highly respected, world-famous trainer, and the techniques we employ are scientifically proven to be effective.

With positive reinforcement — instead of punishments for unwanted behaviors – puppies and dogs are able to reach their full potential. No matter the age, breed or disposition of your pet, reward-based training at Innovative K9 Academy will work.

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Puppy School for Early Behavior Training

Is a puppy is the newest member of your Elk Ridge, Utah, household? If you don’t want to deal with any behavioral issues in the future, enroll your pup in school.

Our board-and-train puppy boot camp builds confidence and teaches basic commands, including sit, stay, down and come. During school, we also work on potty training, crate training, socialization and leash control.

Dog Training Boot Camps and Group Classes

If your furry family member isn’t a young pup, our dog boot camp programs are a better fit. We offer ten-day, two-week and three-week camps for adult dogs, and each includes follow-up sessions with our professional trainers.

You can also choose to enroll in a group class, where you and your dog will work with the Innovative K9 Academy team. By attending, you’ll both learn valuable skills. And, if you like, we can provide private dog training sessions at your Elk Ridge home or a custom-designed program to address your pet’s particular behavioral issues.

Dog Training Challenges: The “Stay” Command

Behavior and Dog Obedience Training Programs

Behavior modification is a specialty of ours, and the professional trainers at Innovative K9 Academy can help your dog attain a level of obedience that’s never seen by most Elk Ridge pet parents.

Our ongoing education and years of experience enable us to create obedient dogs, pets who behave in any social situation. After obedience training, your pooch will make the right decisions at home and in public. Proper behavior will come naturally, and getting your dog to listen will no longer be a struggle.

Whether your four-legged friend needs puppy school, dog boot camp or obedience training – or if you’re looking for specialty programs like therapy, agility or service dog training in or near Elk Ridge, Utah – give Innovative K9 Academy a call today. With us, you can count on results.

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