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Professional Dog Training in alpine, Utah

If one of the furry four-legged members of your Alpine, Utah, household needs professional puppy or dog training, you have come to the right place. Innovative K9 Academy delivers the results you’re looking for, regardless of the breed, age or disposition of your beloved pooch.

Our professional team has extensive experience and years of success. We use proven techniques and a positive reinforcement system developed by a widely respected, internationally known dog trainer. From boot camps to private sessions and specialty training programs, we have solutions for any Alpine pet owner.

Reward-Based Dog Training for All Breeds

In Alpine and throughout northern Utah, pet owners rely on Innovative K9 Academy for effective puppy and dog training services.

Our approach is positive and consistent, focused on motivating pets through the use of firm corrections and small treats and praise for desired behavior. Our methods work, and the experience is fun and rewarding for your furry friend.

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Puppy Camp and Early Training

Is your new puppy creating chaos in your Alpine household? If you’re looking for a way to teach your young pooch how to behave at home and when out and about, take advantage of our puppy camp.

After attending our board-and-train program, your new best friend will be a happy and confident companion. They will be able to obey basic commands off-leash, such as sit, stay, heel and come. Your pup will also get to take home a remote collar so you can continue to reinforce the skills they learned.

Innovative K9 Academy also offers private lessons to Alpine dog owners. Whether your dog doesn’t do well in groups or you just need to work on one or two behaviors, private lessons might be the better option for you.

Boot Camps for Adult Dogs

Many Alpine residents have adult dogs in need of professional training, and our board-and-train dog boot camp offers exceptional results. It’s a three-week program that includes numerous outings, time in the home of a professional trainer and follow-up sessions.

Enroll your pooch in boot camp, and we’ll do all the work — and we’ll teach you how we did it, so you can use the same methods. Proper reinforcement is critical once your dog leaves the training environment and returns home.

Our professional team also offers specialty programs, including agility, therapy and service dog training, as well as private sessions for pets who require additional attention.

Dog Training Challenges: The “Stay” Command

Behavior and Obedience Training

For puppies and dogs that don’t listen to their Alpine pet parents, Innovative K9 Academy offers special obedience training courses to correct the problem.

Our highly experienced professional dog trainers know how to motivate pets and make them want to obey, and we use positive reinforcement and rewards to encourage obedient behavior. By taking this approach, we’re able to teach puppies and dogs of all breeds and temperaments the right way to behave in any given situation.

Are you ready to learn more? For information on our boot camps, obedience courses or specialty dog training programs, contact us today.

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