What You Can Expect When You Enroll Your Dog in Training Classes

Whether you just got a new puppy or you are looking for ways to improve the behavior of your furry best friend that you’ve had for years, dog training classes are an excellent choice. If you have never participated in these classes with a pet before, here is a quick overview of what you can expect when you sign up.

Preparing for Obedience Training Classes

Before you enroll your dog in any obedience training school, make sure the dog is healthy enough to attend classes, and get all the necessary vaccinations to ensure your pup’s safety and that of the other dogs in the class. Schedule a quick trip to the veterinarian for a physical exam and be prepared with health and vaccination records when you go to the first class in case you need them.

You may also want to take a quick trip to the pet store for some essential supplies to bring to each class:

  • Collar with identification
  • Leash (a non-retractable one)
  • Treats or toys for motivation

Training Expectations for the Dog

Most dog training classes begin with the basics, where your dog will learn socialization skills and introductory obedience skills. Often these include:

  • Recognizing his or her name
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Heel
  • Greeting other dogs or humans
  • Leash walking

If you enroll in group training classes, it’s also a chance for your dog to learn how to focus in a distracting environment, and how to get along with other dogs.

Training Expectations for the Owner

Training classes aren’t just for your pet, they are often a good chance for a dog owner to learn how to handle and interact with your dog so he or she is well-behaved. It’s important that pet owners stay open-minded about learning during the classes, and ask questions or report behaviors you observe at home to the trainer so they can help you identify solutions for problems you encounter.

Time Commitment

Most classes will run for several weeks and have class times once or twice a week. If you don’t think you will be able to consistently make it to a scheduled group class time, talk to the dog training academy about private classes so you can remain consistent and complete the entire course. You should also spend some time reinforcing what you learned in class when you get home; training isn’t just something that happens once a week but should be done regularly with your dog.

Find out how beneficial these classes can be and enroll your puppy in a dog training course at Innovative K9 Academy today.