The Trouble with Celebrity Dog Trainers

Dog trainers often experience what medical professionals call the “Dr. Oz Problem.”

The Dr. Oz Problem refers to patients who visit the doctor having already diagnosed (and, sometimes, treated) themselves, based on something they saw on this popular TV show. Dog trainers experience the same issues when pet parents come in for training and describe having tried a particular technique they saw a celebrity dog trainer use on TV or the internet.

Although medical treatment and dog training are worlds apart, scientifically and philosophically, both of these situations present one pressing problem: no one-size-fits all solution will work in either case.

The Problem with Over-Generalizing Dog Training

Your pet is as unique as a snowflake. Although his breed may have certain characteristics, every animal has their own learned behaviors and personality quirks.

When we watch a celebrity dog trainer accomplish something amazing on TV, however, it can be very tempting to want to try it with your own pet.

This can be a real problem because your pet may have completely different traits – even if you see some similarities. Dog trainers use many different techniques in their work, depending on the pet’s nature, behavior patterns and the goals of training.

And, although no one technique will work on all dogs, some techniques used by celebrity handlers are downright dangerous. Trying these yourself at home can lead to big trouble.

Even Celebrity Dog Trainers Have Training

Keep in mind that the dog trainers you see on TV almost all have some type of formal training and years of experience.

But, because the magic of television makes it look so easy, you may think you can accomplish similar goals yourself with your own pet. In the best-case scenario, this belief is bound to set you up for a big disappointment (and potentially set your pet up for some major frustration or stress).

In the worst-case scenario, it could get you or your pet hurt and create dysfunctional behavior patterns that are difficult or impossible to train away.

Remember the Goal of Celebrity Dog Training

Nobody becomes a well-known animal trainer for the benefit of society. Each of these media personalities has an entire line of products to sell you – from books to training aids.

When you see great results on TV, you’re more likely to run out and invest in their products so that you, too, can obtain those results. What you may not realize is that the magic of TV influences what you see.

The dogs used in celebrity trainer shows get hours or day of off-camera training to produce the results you see. And the less successful outcomes are edited out of the final version of the show.

For the safest, most effective results with your pet, watch the celebrity trainer shows for entertainment purposes only. And, instead of wasting your hard-earned money on their products, spend it with a reputable, local dog trainer.

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