The 3 Best Gifts Puppy Boot Camp Offers You & Your Pet

Puppy boot camp is one of the most effective ways of training your family’s new companion.

Sure, you could undertake the training process yourself. But, if you’re like most of our clients, you don’t have a lot of free time to spend on this effort. Consequently, your pet’s training may never take shape.


When you trust your new pet to one of the puppy training programs at Innovative K9 Academy, you’ll come away with several invaluable gifts.

Puppy Boot Camp Handles Crate Training

In our experience, crate training is one of the most difficult challenges for dog owners to achieve.

Crate training a puppy is challenging for several reasons. It’s extremely time-consuming, and it requires an immense amount of patience. It’s also disruptive to your household. Puppies go through a range of uncomfortable challenges during this time in life. They’ve recently been removed from mom and their littermates, and relocated to a strange environment.

Crate training tends to bring out the best in your new pup’s lungs. He may cry, yelp, whimper and whine, in an attempt to test your resolve. If you have kids and other pets at home, this can cause anxiety and cries of protest.

At puppy boot camp, it is our trainers’ job to handle this challenging task for you. You’ll get your pup back with all of this well out of the way.

Leash Training Made Easy with Puppy School

Teaching your new pup to walk properly on a leash is every bit the challenge that crate training is.

If you’ve ever felt the dirty looks as you drag your dog along behind you in an attempt to teach her to walk on a leash, you’ll understand why. Take a little time to watch your neighbors and other dog owners out and about. Notice how many dogs take their owners for a walk (or drag), rather than the other way around. This is not only annoying but potentially unsafe. Unless you can control your pet in public, you place both you and your dog at risk of separation and harm.

Formal leash training is a fundamental part of our puppy school program, and skill that you can easily maintain throughout your pet’s life.

Mess-Free Potty Training with Puppy Camp

When is the last time you house trained a dog or, worse, a new pup?

This is no. 3 in the “most difficult” trilogy of dog training tasks. A significant shift has taken place, in the way professionals approach house training. Today, we know that punishment is not an effective means of training dogs, even when it comes to potty training.

Again, this is a long, drawn-out process that takes constant attention. And, if we might say so, it’s a bit of a dirty job. But it’s our job and we are very, very good at it.

In Salt Lake City and throughout northern Utah, Innovative K9 Academy has established an exceptional reputation for our pet training techniques and successful outcomes. All of our instructors has extensive formal training and years – if not decades – of professional experience. Our methods are scientifically proven and based on positive reinforcement.

Do your new pet – and yourself – a favor and bring him to us for the Innovative K9 Academy puppy boot camp program.