Puppy Boot Camp Helps Start Your Pet Off Right

puppy boot camp

Sending a new pet to puppy boot camp is one of the best ways to launch a successful and satisfying journey with your canine companion.

In this intensive approach to puppy training, your pet will learn skills that set you on the path to a happy, harmonious future free of behavioral problems and stress. And, depending on the type of dog training program you choose, you can customize the experience for your new pup, to give him the skills and training that best suits you and your family.

What Will Puppy Boot Camp Teach Your Pet?

Puppy camp is designed to provide your young canine friend with the experiences and skills he needs to become a well-behaved adult dog and faithful companion. During the program, your pet will spend the entire time at the training facility, working with an experienced dog training team.

At boot camp, puppies learn basic obedience – including the standard commands of “come,” “sit” and “down.” He will learn the basics of crate training and house training. And, always important to dog owners, he will learn  not to bite, chew destructively, bark excessively or jump up on humans.

The most important experiences your new pet will have at puppy camp are less concrete. This type of dog training provides crucial socialization skills to your new pet and imparts enthusiasm for learning and pleasing you.

What Other Types of Puppy Training Are Available?

In addition to training camp programs, you can also explore group puppy classes. This approach pairs you with your new pet for the learning process, allowing you to both master critical skills.

If you think you might benefit from this type of training, look for small classes that offer you and your pet one-on-one attention from a professional dog trainer. This will help ensure that you learn the proper way to work with your pet, Also, look for trainers who use positive reinforcement to motivate your pup. Treats and toys are powerful motivators for dogs under the age of six months, and these training tools make learning fun for your pet.

Using negative reinforcement, on the other hand, can create aggression and behavioral problems.

Which Puppy Boot Camp Program Should You Choose?

At Innovative K9 Academy, we offer a variety of puppy camp and group class options.

You can choose our Puppy Camp Plus program, which combines a week of boot camp with our six-week Group Puppy Training Classes. This ensures that you have the opportunity to work with our trainers and your dog to reinforce the skills learned during a week of camp.

Our two-week obedience and socialization program provides an even more extensive learning experience for your new pet, with a focus on obedience and socialization. This program also includes a six-week group class program.

We limit our group classes to no more than six dogs, to ensure that everyone has plenty of dedicated time with our experienced dog trainers.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Innovative K9 Academy uses proven, scientifically based training methods based on trust and positive reinforcement. We have earned an exceptional reputation for our work, and we think you will be thrilled with the results we can achieve with your new pet. Contact us today to learn more out our group training and puppy boot camp programs.