Give the Gift of Dog Training for the Holidays

If you give the gift of dog training to family and friends this holiday season, you’ll truly be giving the gift that keeps on giving, year after year.

In Salt Lake City, Innovative K9 Academy utilizes an evidence-based philosophy of dog training based on positive reinforcement. Our rewards-based approach is proven in the scientific research to be highly effective for producing obedient, well-adjusted and confident dogs that provide a lifetime of companionship and joy to their pet parents.

Who Could Benefit from the Gift of Dog Training?

Anyone who has a dog can benefit from this thoughtful holiday gift; however, some pet owners can especially benefit from the services of a professional dog trainer.

For example, a new puppy owner – or someone who plans to get a new puppy for the holidays – can derive almost incalculable benefit from puppy camp or group classes. Training a new puppy is one of the most difficult processes for a pet owner, especially if they haven’t been through the process before.

Even pet parents of older dogs will appreciate this gift, especially if the pet has any behavioral challenges, especially aggressive, fearful and nervous dogs.

Dog Training Options

We offer a ten-day Obedient Dog course that provides on-leash socialization, obedience and manners. This program also includes two in-home sessions to help pet parents learn to reinforce what their dog’s new skills.

Our two-week Perfect Dog course focuses on off-leash work, and is ideal for pet owners who want a more in-depth level of obedience and trust. This program includes three in-home sessions.

Finally, our three-week Dream Dog program provides everything necessary for dealing with special behavior problems. It includes five in-home sessions,

Obedience, agility, therapy and service dog training are some of the specialty programs we offer. We also offer customized options based on the client’s specific needs and goals.

Puppy Training Options

Our puppy group classes consist of six classes (one per week for six weeks) that covers the important skills that every pup needs for a happy, healthy life. House training (potty training), crate training, basic obedience and socialization are covered and each pup gets to work one-on-one with a trainer during each class.

Puppy Camp Plus consists of the six-week group classes preceded by one week of puppy boot camp. Our two-week Basic Obedience and Socialization also includes the six-week group class program.

At Innovative K9 Academy, we are proud of the work we do for our Northern Utah clients. In fact, you can read some of our customer testimonials and reviews on our website to see for yourself how effective our programs are. If you’re tired of giving the same old holiday gifts, consider giving the thoughtful gift of dog training from Innovative K9 Academy in Salt Lake City this holiday season.