Dog Training Challenges: Why Does Your Dog Urine Mark?

Dog Urine Mark

One of the biggest dog training challenges you may encounter is a pet that marks its territory in inappropriate places – like the inside of your home.

A common misconception is that urine marking is related to house training in some way; however, that is not the case. Consequently, a different approach to dog training is necessary to correct this problem.

Urine Marking versus House Soiling

Dogs may urinate or defecate in inappropriate locations – inside the house, for example – if they aren’t completely housebroken. They may also display this behavior if they have a veterinary problem or if they experience an instance of extreme fear.

This type of behavior is identified in the dog training industry as house soiling. When it occurs, your pet will empty his or her bladder in its entirety, typically on a horizontal surface.

Urine marking typically occurs on vertical surface and involves only a small amount of urine. Although this behavior is most commonly attributed to male dogs, females may also engage in urine marking.

Urine Marking to Send a Message to Other Animals

Unlike house soiling, urine marking is intentional. It occurs whenever your dog feels compelled to communicate a specific message.

Typically, the message is meant for other animals. Most often, it’s intended for another pet in your home, especially if the dogs have a conflict or if the pack order is not well established. It may also occur if you have recently brought a new pet into the household. In some cases, even seeing another dog through the window or smelling its scent on a visitor’s clothing can result in marking.

Although the urine marking message is typically meant for other dogs, your pet may be sending you a message instead.

Urine Marking in Response to Changing Family Dynamics

In some cases, your dog’s marking behavior is designed to communicate his feelings to you. A variety of human-related events can cause your dog to urine mark. It may be something as simple as rearranging the furniture or as complex as bringing home a new baby.

If you have a new girlfriend or boyfriend, your pet may be feeling insecure or jealous. Even a change in your work schedule or a vacation can cause enough to upset your pet and instigate marking.

Dog Training to Stop Urine Marking

Whatever the reason for your pet’s marking behavior, dog training is the only way to effectively correct the problem. Seek help from an experienced professional dog trainer sooner rather than later. If allowed to continue, marking may become a learned behavior and thus harder to overcome.

Before beginning a dog training regimen, visit your veterinarian to rule out any medical problems. Assuming the vet gives your pet a clean bill of health, a behavior modification program will help put this messy problem behind you.

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