Does Your Dog Bark Excessively? Here’s What to Do

dog bark excessively

Does your dog bark too much, or at inappropriate times? Does it seem like your dog barks all the time?

At Innovative K9 Academy, this is one of the most common problems our clients ask about. Whether your furry friend’s vocalizations are driving you crazy or setting the entire neighborhood on edge, this behavioral issue can easily be addressed by a professional dog trainer.

But, before we talk about how to address it, let’s look at why it may be happening.

Why Does Your Dog Bark?

Whenever a dog barks, he is using his natural language to communicate something that’s important to him.

Dogs bark for a variety of understandable – and relatively benign – reasons. He vocalizes to greet you and your family as well as other humans and dogs. Many times, he just wants to get your attention or he’s trying to tell you he wants to play. He may also vocalize if he’s hungry or needs to go out to answer nature’s call.

He may also raise a ruckus if he’s trying to guard his territory, a common event when the mail carrier comes each day, or if he’s trying to commune with other dogs in the neighborhood.

The more problematic types of vocalization typically involve some degree of obsessive behavior, or if he’s frustrated, distressed, anxious or otherwise in distress. Separation anxiety and boredom are two of the most common reasons your pet may bark obsessively.

How Do You Stop Your Dog from Barking?

The answer to this question lies with a systematic application of positive reinforcement – as does the answer to almost every dog training dilemma.

Although your natural inclination may well be to scold or punish your pet, you cannot give into this inclination. Instead of punishing the unwanted behavior, you must reward the behavior you desire – in this case, silence.

If you try to shout over your pet’s barking, he won’t understand that you’re trying to silence him. Instead, he’s more likely to believe that you are commiserating with him by barking along with him.

Although you may have success with this approach while you’re at home, what happens if your pet is barking incessantly when you’re away from home?

Should You Seek Professional Training for a Barking Dog?

If your pet’s behavior is out of control when you’re away from home, separation anxiety may well be to blame. Whatever the reason, a professional dog trainer can help you get to the bottom of it and resolve the problem.

Sometimes making changes to your dog’s environment and daily routine can help. However, before you can implement any changes that may help, you need to know what the problem is.

At Innovative K9 Academy, our experienced trainers understand what motivates your furry friend to misbehave. Whether you have problems with house training, crate training, basic obedience or unwanted behaviors, we can get to the bottom of the problem. Our dog training classes and boot camps are the perfect way to turn your little imp into a pleasant and reliable canine companion. Contact us today for help figuring out what may be motivating your dog to bark incessantly, and for correcting this annoying behavior.