Benefits of Training Classes for Your Puppy

If you got a new furry friend for the holidays, or you are ready to have your existing fur baby obey you better, one of the best ways to improve obedience is to put your puppy through a training academy. Training on your own is challenging and time-consuming, and often pet owners who start are not able to finish. It can lead to extreme frustration when your puppy leaves messes around the house, behaves badly around others, or destroys your property. Training academies use proven methods to help improve your dog’s behavior and leave you and your pup happier.

Better Behavior at Home

You love your puppy, but over time a disobedient dog can strain your bond. When you enroll your dog in training classes, the result is a dog that is more obedient and happier. As a pet owner, you will also experience increased levels of happiness, lower stress levels, and a stronger bond between you and your pet.

Better Behavior with Others

Obedience training focuses on basic commands and allow you to control your pet around family, friends, and other animals. Having a dog that runs wild, barks all the time, attacks others, or cannot get along with other pets is embarrassing and can significantly hinder your ability to take your pet out of the house. An obedient dog can go just about anywhere and be around almost anyone, from babies and children to other dogs and pets, without the stress of wondering what might happen. If you plan to travel with your dog, obedience training is also essential to ensure that you can maintain control in more chaotic or unfamiliar environments like hotels, trains, cars, or airplanes.

Safer and More Fun Pet Ownership

Socialized and friendly dogs are also much safer around other people and other pets. Even if your dog spends most of its time alone or with you, it’s still important that he or she knows how to behave well around others so that when you go out for a walk, take him or her to an appointment at the veterinarian, or head out to the pet spa, you don’t have to worry about bad behaviors that could put other people or pets in danger.

Innovative K9 Academy offers boot camp classes and longer courses for all dog breeds to improve obedience and behavior in your pet. Contact us today to learn more.