Puppy Owner Bathroom Trips: Teaching Independence Themes

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on new puppy owners and how they can deal with a pup that loses its mind every time its owner uses the bathroom. This is one of the earliest forms of separation anxiety some puppies will go through, but luckily there are some simple techniques you can apply to soothe and calm a young dog that becomes frightened when you leave the room, even momentarily.

At Innovative K9 Academy, we’re proud to offer numerous dog training services, including our puppy school, dog boot camp and several others. Our programs give owners numerous tactics and approaches to training their animals, including new puppies who may be suffering from separation anxiety – especially when you close the door for a trip to the bathroom. Here are some additional tactics to consider down these lines.

Bring Them With You

We left off in part one discussing some general tips for soothing your pup before you enter the bathroom, such as exercising them or letting them eat. However, for some of the fussiest puppies out there, even these tactics won’t remedy their major anxiety when you leave.

In these cases, at least during their youngest months, you may have to simply relent and bring the puppy into the bathroom with you. If nothing else, this will at least stop them from associating every bathroom trip with abject terror.

Slowly Build Independence

And from here, you can begin to slowly build up your pup’s independence in this area. At first, they may come into the bathroom with you; over time, you should move them to their crate or puppy palace. With each passing day or week, you can get a little more adventurous and push the envelope a little further. Over a period of time, the pup will learn that you disappearing for a few minutes at a time is nothing to panic about.

Staying Consistent

However, your puppy won’t reach this point if you aren’t consistent in your approach. While it’s true that you might have to show some leeway during the earliest months of their lives, this theme doesn’t remain forever – as you build up the levels of independence, your expectations should grow simultaneously. You have to be prepared to deal with a little bit of whining or unhappiness here or there as your dog continues to learn; you also need to be able to hold steady despite these complaints, continuing your program with the knowledge that constant reaffirmation is the best way to go long-term.

For more on how to soothe bathroom anxiety in your puppy, or to learn about any of our dog training programs or services, speak to the staff at Innovative K9 Academy today.