Will Puppy Boot Camp Interfere with Bonding?

When you bring a new pet into your life, the bonds you form during the impressionable puppy phase establish the basis of your lifelong relationship. If you send him off to puppy boot camp shortly after his arrival, will this separation affect your ability to bond fully with your new friend?

Will your new pup bond with the trainer instead of you?

This is a common fear shared by many new pet owners but the good news is that the intense benefits your puppy gains from the boot camp experience do not degrade the bonding process. And, in most cases, live-in puppy training will actually improve your ability to bond with your pet.

How the New Experiences of Puppy Boot Camp Benefit Your Pet

New pet parents are notoriously protective of their babies – as they should be. But sending your pup off to boot camp isn’t something you should fear, as long as you have a puppy trainer you can trust.

Yes, your pup will experience a range of new emotions, but this helps with his emotional and cognitive growth and development.

Puppies are naturally curious and intent on exploring as much of the world as possible. And, by responsibly exposing them to a range of new experiences, puppy trainers help them increase their confidence and social skills.

Puppy Camp Maximizes Training Efficacy

No two puppies are alike, nor do they all develop along the same timeline. But, generally, each week your pup spends with a professional trainer equates to approximately three to four months of diligent home training.

The reasons for this are twofold.

Puppy trainers have advanced skill and knowledge, which means they know how to safely obtain the best results in the shortest amount of time. And, when you use a reputable dog trainer or training academy, your pet will be the trainer’s primary focus for as long as the pup is with them.

Bonding Occurs Before – and Continues After – Puppy Boot Camp

No reputable dog trainer will recommend that you drop your puppy off for boot camp the day you bring him home. But, even after a few days, your new pup will understand that your home is his home – and your family is his family.

When you take little Fido to puppy camp, he will engage with and grow from all the new experiences he has. But, when he’s done and it’s time to come home, he will know he’s back home with his family.

In the meantime, he will gain valuable social skills that will serve him well throughout his life.

This means learning that he doesn’t have to fear new experiences or new people that he will inevitably encounter as he grows and matures. Your new pup will have the ability to navigate all kinds of experiences with confidence and curiosity.

When you trust Innovative K9 Academy to guide your new pup through the early phases of training, you will realize the benefits every day of your pet’s life. Contact us today to learn more about our Salt Lake City puppy boot camp programs.

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