Professional Dog Training & Disaster Preparedness for Your Pet

disaster prep dog

In the event of a crisis, professional dog training can help prevent you from being separated from your beloved pet.

Although we are fortunate to have a low risk of natural disaster here in northern Utah, you can’t anticipate when disaster could strike. If you follow the coverage of wildfires, hurricanes and other types of natural disaster, you know that many people fleeing for their lives are forced to leave their pets behind.

To avoid this unthinkable scenario, take steps to ensure that you’re prepared for whatever natural or man-made disaster may strike. A professional dog trainer can help ensure that your pet stays by your side.

The Risks You & Your Dog Face if Disaster Strikes

In the face of disaster, you won’t have much time to think or plan your exit strategy. For this reason, dog trainers recommend that you prepare yourself and your pet now.

The biggest risk you’re likely to face is getting separated from your pet in the fray. Have your dog microchipped and keep the information current in the database. Make sure your pet has tags as well, and make sure the phone number is current. Most experts recommend putting two numbers on the tag, just to be safe.

Sometimes collars can get lost, however. And, if the power is out, chip readers may not work. If you know disaster is coming, you can write your pet’s name, your name and your phone number on Fido’s lower abdomen or inside the thigh in permanent marker. That way, if the unthinkable does happen, whoever finds him can call him by name – and call you for a happy reunion.

Building in Contingencies for Disaster Preparation

To prepare for disaster, pack a bug-out bag for you and your pet. Include a copy of his current shot records and a week’s supply of any medications he takes. Include a zip-top bag of his food and enough water for him for a week. Include an extra collar, leash and set of tags. Finally, include photographs of your pet (to use in a “Lost” poster or ad, if necessary) and photos of you and your pet together, to prove ownership.

If your pet is small, you may want to pack all his gear in a carrier.

Involve your family in the preparations, so everyone knows the contingency plans. Decide on at least two options for rendezvous points and identify potential pet-friendly places to shelter, should it become necessary.

Dog Training Can Help Avoid Separation During a Disaster

Here’s where professional dog training comes in.

Training will teach your dog that, no matter what’s going on around him, he must stay focused on you and your commands. In a scary situation, rather than bolting and getting separated from you, he will come when you call and stay by your side.

Not only does this prevent separation but it will give your pet an anchor that helps calm him and keep him focused.

If you have to go to a shelter, a hotel or stay with friends, your dog’s training will make him a good houseguest and prevent any potential problems that misbehaved pets can cause.

The experienced professionals at Innovative K9 Academy understand that your pet is a valued member of the family. We can help prepare him – and you – to remain calm and focused during any stressful situation. Contact us today to learn more about our puppy camps and class, doggy boot camps and individual and group dog training classes in Salt Lake City.