Eco-Friendly Holiday Dog Gifts to Consider

With the holiday season fast approaching, those considering gifts for their dog-loving friends have a number of good options these days. And if you’re purchasing for someone you know is also eco-friendly and conscious of the environment, your range of versatile products remains wide.

At Innovative K9 Academy, we’re proud to offer not only numerous dog training courses, from our puppy school to training camp, VIP boarding and more, but also quality product recommendations for dog owners in several important areas. What are some of the eco-friendly options at your disposal this season, whether you’re buying gifts for another or looking to shift to more sustainable practices yourself as we move into 2021.

Compostable Doggy Bags

Your dog poops at least once or twice a day, and for those who regularly walk their pups or take them to locations outside their own home, you need bags to clean up after your pet. Instead of adding more plastic to a landfill that will sit around forever and worsen the environment, why not contribute to recycling and reuse here instead?

There are several great options on the market today for compostable or recyclable doggy bags. These are thick bags that won’t leak and will be compatible with your dog dispenser. One note: Be sure to check with your city to see if they have industrial facilities you can bring your bag to if you don’t have a backyard compost, as many will not break down properly in landfills.

Treat Options

There are a ton of great eco-friendly dog treat options out there today. The primary theme here, both for the environment and your pet’s health: Keep it simple and natural, with ingredients that are good for the dog. Many will contain organic ingredients, plus high quantities of protein to prevent tartar and plaque buildup.

One form of natural treat that’s become very popular among many dogs: Cricket treats. These use actual dried crickets, which are very environmentally friendly and carry few pathogens. Crickets are also hypoallergenic, plus live out most of their normal life before being harvested for this purpose. Plus, dogs love them!

Raw Food

There are also good options in terms of natural pet food, which is designed to give dogs optimal nutrition in a raw form. These choices will usually use free-range meats and organic fruits and vegetables.


If your dog often creates a mess you use disposable gloves for, ensure you use eco-friendly gloves that can be recycled or composted. These tend to be made from renewable sources like corn, and are easy to both pack and use for several purposes, including those outside the scope of your pets.

For more on how to give eco-friendly dog gifts this holiday season or make this shift yourself headed into 2021, or to learn about any of our dog training courses, speak to the staff at Innovative K9 Academy today.