E-collars for Effective Dog Training: Busting the Myths

Humane and effective e-collars for dog training

E-collars, aka electronic or remote training collars, are an important part of the professional dog trainer’s tool kit. Unfortunately, the many myths perpetuated about these helpful training aids have created a culture of fear surrounding what some call “shock collars.”

Many of the most compassionate and ethical dog trainers in the world use electronic collars to assist them in the process. Without these tools, it would be virtually impossible to train dogs – including hunting and rescue dogs – to work off-leash.

The best way to bust these dangerous myths – and reassure dog owners about their pet’s safety – is to explore the facts about electronic training collars.

What Is an E-Collar?

The types of e-collars used by dog training professionals are specifically designed to provide appropriate training feedback without inflicting any discomfort or pain on the animal.

Remote training collars consist of a handheld remote and a receiver attached to a collar worn by the pet. The trainer uses the remote to send a signal to the receiver at the desired time.

The myth surrounding these devices is what, exactly, the animal experiences when a signal is sent. If you’ve ever experienced a TENS unit when visiting a physical therapist or chiropractor, you’ve experienced one type of remote sensation yourself. Depending on the animal, trainers may also use vibration, tapping or audible tones to deliver a remote signal – but never a shock or another painful stimulus.

The impulses delivered by professional remote training collars cannot burn or otherwise harm the animal. What they do is send a physical signal that is safe, humane and effective.

How Do E-Collars Work for Dog Training?

When a trainer works with a dog on-leash, it’s easy to provide immediate feedback when the animal displays unwanted behavior. When Fido is off his leash, however, that becomes more challenging.

Remote training collars are the ideal way to provide appropriate training feedback even when Fido is far away. In fact, some professional e-collars can signal an animal from almost a mile away!

Used correctly by professional trainers, e-collars improve a dog’s confidence, well-being and safety off-leash and in a variety of field situations. They can be used for virtually all breeds and sizes of dogs.

E-Collars Are One Component of a Professional Dog Training System

Many responsible dog trainers use electronic collars as a part of an overall system, along with positive reinforcement and other proven methods. These tools are used to achieve specific goals in highly controlled situations where the animal can be closely monitored.

Trainers use the lowest possible stimulus and, as in all aspects of professional training, always have your pet’s health, safety and best interests in mind.

At Innovative K9 Academy, we use only professional equipment from E-Collar Technologies, Inc., the industry’s most trusted experts in remote education and training technology. Our trainers are highly educated and experienced in the correct use of these devices and we have countless grateful clients who will attest to the safety and efficacy of this approach.

Innovative K9 Academy, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, provides a full range of dog and puppy training programs, including private training, group classes and boot camp programs. Contact us today to learn more about how we use e-collars as a part of our safe, humane and proven dog training programs.

Source: E-Collar Technologies, Inc.