Dos and Don’ts of Taking Your Dog to the Vet

When taking your dog to the vet, follow our simple list of dos and don’ts to ensure the best – and safest – experience.

Taking your dog to the vet is an inevitable part of being a pet owner.

However, if you aren’t paying close attention to what’s going on, you could be involved – or be the cause of – an unfortunate incident. This simple list, although not exhaustive, is a good start to a successful and safe visit to your veterinarian.

Do Keep Your Dog on a Leash at All Times

Keeping your dog leashed ensures his safety as well as the safety of humans and other animals at the vet’s office. It doesn’t matter how well trained or well behaved your pet may be. The only exception is if you have him in a secured carrier.

Don’t Let Your Dog Overwhelm Other Pets

You never know why someone has their pet at the vet’s office. The animal may be sick, which means he may potentially be contagious or in pain. Keep your dog on a short leash and don’t allow him to interact with other animals or their humans. This is basic etiquette that is too often ignored in the waiting area.

Do Keep a Close Eye on Your Children

If your children accompany you to the vet, keep them close by and within your sights at all times. Just as sick animals can lash out at other pets, they can also display aggression toward kids if they get too close or make them feel unsafe in some way. If your dog is under the weather, use this time to teach young children how to respect animals and the potential risks of the unknown.

Don’t Use Your Cell Phone at the Vet’s Office

Unless you have an emergency, stay off your phone while you’re in the waiting area and while you’re in a treatment room. Even a brief moment of distraction can lead to an unfortunate encounter between your pet or children and other patients’ pets or children. In the treatment room, you don’t want to miss any information that the vet or technician may share.

Don’t Limit Your Dog’s Outings to Just the Vet’s Office

Although it may be hard to find the time, do try to take your dog for car rides that do not involve going to the vet (or groomer or any other destination he may find unpleasant). Otherwise, you may find yourself engaged in a battle of wills every time you try to put your dog in the car.

Do Ensure Your Dog Is a Good Citizen

Taking a poorly behaved, unruly dog anywhere – including the vet’s office – is stressful and potentially even dangerous to you, your pet and to others who may be present. The best way to accomplish that is to visit a professional dog trainer for individual or group classes or more intensive doggy boot camp programs.

For help with all your Salt Lake City area dog training needs, contact the experienced professionals at Innovative K9 Academy. With an extensive background in research-based training methods and techniques, our team can work with you individually, in a group setting or, for a more intensive approach, through one of our boot camp programs. Contact us today for help and answers to your questions about taking your dog to the vet.