Dealing with Your New Puppy When the Holidays Are Over

Dealing with New Puppy

So, your family got a new puppy over the holidays. It seemed so easy with all the family at home to take care of your new pet. But what happens once the holidays are over and reality sets it?

Dog trainers, given a choice, would prefer that families avoid bringing in a new puppy during the holidays. But, because a pet is such a delightful surprise for kids on Christmas morning, it’s a common phenomenon. 

As long as you can keep the pup safe through all the celebrating and contact a professional dog trainer as soon as possible, your new pet should be none-the-worse for wear.

The Perils the Holidays Pose for a New Puppy

During the holidays, your home becomes a hotbed of activity. Visitors come and go, decorations abound and spirits are high. New puppies could quickly be overwhelmed by hustle and bustle. They could get themselves into dangerous situations or eat things they shouldn’t. 

Keep a close eye on the pup and try to keep him out of harm’s way. Because most puppies undergo their first fear imprint period around eight to ten weeks of age, do whatever you can to avoid any traumatic experiences, as it could lead to potentially serious defensive or territorial behavior problems.

Get Your New Puppy on a Routine

Take whatever steps necessary to get your new pet on a schedule. Establish a routine for feeding, walking, bedtime and waking up. Provide a crate for him in a quiet place, where he can find refuge when he needs to escape. Don’t neglect housetraining either, no matter how tempted you may be.

This is the perfect time to begin socializing your new pup but use common sense. Watch for him to show any signs of stress – such as hiding, barking or growling – and remove him to the safety of his crate if so.

Get Your New Puppy Together with a Professional Dog Trainer

As quickly as you can after the holidays, contact a professional dog trainer to set up puppy training. A professional trainer can give your new pet – and your family – all the tools and training necessary to ensure a long, happy relationship. 

Innovative K9 Academy offers a wide range of puppy training choices, including puppy boot camp and group puppy training classes. We can also work with you to develop a training plan that involves individual, one-on-one training, if necessary. Our programs ensure that your new pet gets all the socialization he needs to build confidence. And, depending on the program you select, we can house- and crate train your pup and teach him basic obedience and commands. 

Contact our Salt Lake City training academy today to learn more about our training classes and boot camp programs, and to set up a schedule for your new puppy to work with a professional dog trainer.