Can Dog Training Make Your Pet Smarter?

Dog training and puppy camp helps your pet’s cognitive development

Will professional dog training help improve your pet’s IQ?

You can make your Fido a smarter dog using a variety of proven techniques – most of which are incorporated as part of a good dog trainer’s repertoire. In fact, Psychology Today reports that dog training not only teaches dogs commands and tricks but it changes brain activity and thought patterns in ways that makes him even more trainable.

So, what are some of the specific techniques used in dog training that help make your pet smarter?

Dog Training Teaches Socialization Skills

Socializing a puppy is necessary for his cognitive development but ongoing socialization is important for dogs of any age. Exposing him to the widest variety of experiences keeps him engaged with life and allows him to be comfortable in virtually any situation. Dog trainers help provide your pet with the skills he needs to focus on his handler, no matter what may be going on around him.

Through this process, Fido develops confidence and learns to moderate his emotions, both of which make it easier for him to learn even more new skills.

Professional Trainers Use Positive Reinforcement

When you punish a dog – especially if that involves hitting, yelling, etc. – it can impede his cognitive activity and, in essence, cause his cognitive functions to freeze. This engages the fight-or-flight instinct and has the potential for causing permanent behavioral problems.

When you use positive reinforcement, as experienced professional pet trainers know, you achieve the opposite effects in your dog’s brain. He develops and reinforces new neural pathways, helping him retain and build on his newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Training Engages Your Dog’s Brain & Body

Research has long proven that physical activity helps keep the human brain in tip-top shape. This works equally well for your dog. Studies also show that physical movement assists in memorization and retention of information. Professional dog training involves multiple types of movement and a high level of physical activity – and your pet’s IQ definitely benefits as a result.

Dog Training Introduces New Experiences

Remember when Fido was a puppy and every experience was new and exciting to him? Remember too, how quickly he learned during those early months. Training continues to introduce your pet to new experiences. Your trainer will also work with you so that you can continue to introduce your pet to new places, experiences and stimuli that will keep Fido’s mind sharp throughout his life.

At Innovative K9 Academy, our puppy school, dog training boot camp and other training classes are designed to improve your pet in every possible way. Your pet will learn basic obedience and commands while being socialized in a variety of ways. Our puppy training uses positive reinforcement – treats and toys, typically – helping him become focused and anxious to learn.

Contact our Salt Lake City dog training academy today to learn more about how we can start your pet on the road to a lifetime of learning.