Ask the Puppy Trainer: Do Potty-Training Products Work?

When you bring home a new puppy, potty training is one of the first things on your mind, whether it’s your first puppy or if you’re a seasoned veteran.

The pet products industry works overtime coming up with what are inevitably labeled the latest and greatest products to make house training your new dog a cinch. But, in a world full of false product promises and “buyer beware” gimmicks, are any of these items worth the investment?

What Are Potty-Training Products?

Most companies that specialize in dog training products – and many that don’t – offer a line of products designed to help you house train your puppy.

If you spend just a moment looking through these products, you may find yourself filling your shopping cart (real or virtual) with hundreds of dollars of lucky loos, puppy pads, piddle stations and “go here” sprays. You’ll find pee posts, tinkle bells (and belts) and “doggy don’t” devices.

Before you know it, you’ll have a pyramid of Amazon boxes on your doorstep, filled with products that were definitely expensive but questionably effective.

Can Potty-Training Aids Help You Housebreak a Puppy?

Although some potty-training products can potentially support you in your efforts to housebreak your puppy, none of these impulse buys can replace the tried-and-true process that’s required to get the job done.

The only way to accomplish this critical objective is through the application of control, patience, positive reinforcement and, most important, consistency.

No matter how you look at it, the potty-training process takes time, diligence and effort. You won’t find any magic solutions or shortcuts that can replace that effort… except one: a professional dog trainer.

When Should You Consider Dog Training or Puppy School Instead?

Puppy trainers hear horror stories regularly about new pet owners that have invested hundreds of dollars (or more) into potty-training systems, aids and gimmicks, yet their puppy continues to have accidents in the house.

Instead of buying into the commercial hype (the pet products industry currently rakes in more than $70 billion annually) and hoping, place your trust in a seasoned expert.

A puppy trainer understands exactly how to accomplish this process. They can work with you in private sessions. Or, if you would like to have the work done for you, consider sending your precious new pet to puppy school.

At Innovative K9 Academy in Salt Lake City, we offer one- and two-week puppy camp programs. Your pet will come to live with one of our expert puppy trainers and the first thing he will learn is potty training. We will also get him on a schedule, engage his active young mind and teach him the basics of the “come” command – and that’s just the one-week program.

Once puppy school ends, we will give you the tools you need to keep up the good work, reinforcing the skills he’s mastered and helping him along the path to becoming a valued member of your family.

Contact us today to learn more about how our dog trainers can help you master potty training for your puppy.